The Dragon's Demand

Session 1: Arrival in Belhaim

31 Arodus, 4714 AR

  • The party finds themselves stranded in the village of Belhaim, deep in the Verduran Wood.
  • While eating/drinking at the Wise Piper Inn, the group is roused by a thunderous disturbance outside, and exit the inn to discover that a large tower (called the Witch Tower by the locals) on the hill northeast of town has collapsed.
  • The villagers and party find the dead bodies of two kobolds (small bipedal lizardfolk creatures) outside the front door of the local wizard’s (Balthus Hunclay) residence near the collapsed Witch Tower. Hamish believes the tower’s remaining structure, although very old, to be generally sound, and finds the collapse to be suspicious.
  • At the behest of the mayor of Belhaim, Lady Origena Devy, the party agrees to explore the collapsed Witch Tower and report back to her for the sum of 500 gold pieces.
  • The group manages to enter the cellar underneath the tower, and discover it to be quite extensive, and apparently untouched, save for two human-sized (and hungry) centipedes, which are promptly cloven in twain by Ham’s mighty greataxe. They discover several old prison cells, including a secret prison and interrogation area containing the long-dead of several prisoners (one of which haunts the area with pained utterances of “Good Baron Sarvo wills it!”, and a strange mechanical device attached to a long twisting chain.
  • The session ends as the party defeats a malicious (and somewhat insane) imp residing in the prison’s ancient torture chamber. The imp has apparently resided in the room since the tower’s last resident, Baron Sarvo Canteclure, was overthrown 200 years ago by the current ruling family (the Devy family). The imp explains that it was once the familiar of the overseer of the tower.

Session 1 XP
Session 1 Treasure


I think you forgot that Ham cleaved two HUGE centipedes in HALF…quite a feat of heroic proportion….no?

Session 1: Arrival in Belhaim

Noted, and edited/updated! :-)

Session 1: Arrival in Belhaim

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