The Dragon's Demand

Session 7: The Wizard's Estate, part 1

2 Rova, 4714 AR

The trio reports back to Baroness Origena, who, although displeased that kobolds remain at the quarry, nonetheless errs on the side of the group’s judgement for now.

Upon receiving their payment, Origena has another request for Hamish, Emraeal, and Bat. She indicates that a distant relative of the wizard Balthus Hunclay has a legitimate claim to his estate. Origena asks the group to explore the house and neutralize any traps still existing within it so that its contents may be catalogued. In addition to paying the group handsomely to explore the house (3,750 gp, to be exact), she plans to auction off Hunclay’s estate sometime following, and promises to pay half on any bids the group makes. Hamish, Emraeal, and Bat agree to look into the house once they rest, and head back to Talia’s inn, the Wise Piper.

3 to 5 Rova, 4714 AR

The trio spend some time around town on the 3rd of Rova, speaking to Bassy the gnome and Gregol Lenton, the local stonemason who constructed Hunclay’s house. The next day the group ventures into the house, dealing with several traps and obstacles as they map and catalogue the place. They find a servant of Hunclay’s barricaded in a small bedroom/linen closet, tired, hungry, and shaking. Once he realizes that he isn’t going to be killed, he introduces himself as Mathezic. Emraeal and Hamish calm Mathezic down and give him some food, and the terrified servant manages to respond to the group’s questions. He admits that his master Hunclay was employing the Blood Vow kobolds to undermine the foundations of the Witch Tower, and that the wizard had contact with many unsavoury parties for his research, which Mathezic believes “had to do with the stars.”

Mathezic says that he and Hunclay’s other two servants, Linus and Saba, were forbidden to enter many areas of the tower, but he does warn the group about several trapped areas. Of Linus and Saba he has not heard, but does eventually admit that if they escaped the house they likely headed north. Hunclay had a secret cave a couple of miles north off of the Devy Road – he suggests Linus and Saba probably went there to loot whatever riches Hunclay hid at the place. Exhausted, he begs the group to let him go; he wants nothing more that to gather his belongings and leave for Faldamont, his home town.

Following their encounter with Mathezic, the trio continues to explore the house. They find many interesting materials upstairs in Hunclay’s bedroom and study, where Bat is nearly killed by a cleverly hidden poison needle trap. After heading back into town for rest and healing at the Shrine of Seven Roses (dedicated to the goddess Shelyn), they venture back into the house. They are attacked by a summoned bear trap in Hunclay’s bedroom. After defeating the trap Bat finds a scrap of paper on the wizard’s nightstand. The paper appears to be a mundane, if bawdy, limerick of some sort, but Bat detects a lingering magic on the paper. Speaking the word “Dominion”, noticed in one of Hunclay’s spellbooks discovered earlier, the page’s words change, and outline a list of sorts. There are five items on the list, as follows:

- Conjure accuser devil re. disguising text of Secrets of the Dreaming Dark (scratched out)
- Animate Dominion remains re. guardian for cave (scratched out)
- Repair hinges of secret door in clockwork lab
- Attempt second contact with Dominion via book’s ritual before loan to A.
- Confirm demolition date with A’s kobolds

Session 7 Treasure
Session 7 XP



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