The Dragon's Demand

Session 6: The Blood Vow Kobolds, Part 3

2 Rova, 4714 AR

Bat, Hammy, and Emraeal, with their unlikely ally Nighttail the Glib, venture to the third and deepest level of the Blood Vow kobold warren. They fight their way through the tribe’s new priestess of Vapula (a red-skinned kobold clearly unrelated to the green-skinned Blood Vow tribe) and her retinue of human skeletons. After defeating the cleric, Nighttail heads down a side corridor in the hopes of securing the aid of the kobolds in the so-called Cave of the Future – the Blood Vow’s hatchery.

The Belhaim trio carries on and finally faces down the sorcerer Chief Roaghaz. Roaghaz and his four kobold guards put up a good fight; Roaghaz exerts some control over the battlefield with his spells, using web to keep Emraeal and Bat at a distance and mirror image to vex Ham’s physical attacks. Nighttail lends some much-needed assistance near the end of the battle. Bat and Emraeal manage to fight their way out of Roaghaz’s entangling webs and decimate his bodyguards while Ham strikes down one after another of the chief’s mirror images. Finally, the Blood Vow chief falls, marking the end of his rule. The group negotiates with Nighttail before leaving the cramped warren and heading back to Belhaim with news of the tribe’s fall (or at least change in leadership). They know they will have some convincing to do if Lady Origena is to accept the truce with Nighttail the Glib.

Session 6 Treasure
Session 6 XP



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