The Dragon's Demand

Session 5: The Blood Vow Kobolds, Part 2

2 Rova, 4714 AR

Ham, Emraeal, and Bat, with Nighttail and Hak close behind, head deeper into the kobold warren. They battle their way past two kobolds and their trained snapping turtles before coming across an aged kobold laying on a filthy pallet. The kobold’s green scales are dull, his eyes shut tight, his breath ragged and short. As the group moves closer, his eyes flutter open to reveal milky, blind orbs. In a raspy voice, he speaks:

“I can tell by your scent that you are strangers here. If my nose tells the truth, you bring the destruction I foretold. Good…good. I had hoped to see our ruin before journeying to the afterworld, but I will settle for hearing it. Beware the great scaly beast, strangers. He seems to speak reason, but his words are poison. And his bats, the ones he calls from the darkness… they are harbingers of lunacy and chaos. Dread Lord Aeteperax will surely be your doom as he has been ours.”

As if the act of speaking was too much, after delivering this cryptic and ominous message the aged kobold dies. Batdonlok removes a small phylactery from around the kobold’s brow – a phylactery of faithfulness – suggesting the kobold was perhaps a priest or shaman of the Blood Vow tribe.

Moving on, the group is ambushed by six kobolds as they attempt to cross a shallow chasm by a dubious stone ridge. After dealing with their ambushers, the group finds a narrow shaft leading down, to the next cramped level of the Blood Vow warren.

Session 5 Treasure
Session 5 XP



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