The Dragon's Demand

Session 4: The Blood Vow Kobolds, Part I

2 Rova, 4714 AR

  • Ham, Bat, and Emraeal take the southern tunnel into the kobold lair. The tunnel quickly becomes cramped and low, forcing Ham and Emraeal to crouch. There is no light in the tunnel, and the air reaks of a nauseating mixture of refuse, excrement, and reptile musk.
  • The group advances deeper into the warren. Ham and Bat fall prey to one of the kobolds’ traps and fall 20 feet into a dark pit. With help from Emraeal the pair climbs out of the pit just in time to face a gang of six to eight kobolds advancing upon them from behind. The kobolds have no problem manouevring in the tight quarters, climbing over one another to stab with their spears and fire shots from their slings. Ham has trouble swinging his axe in the tunnels, but manages to cleave through several of the kobolds. Emraeal drops a number with her arrows, and Bat sends currents of fear through the kobold ranks with his witch hexes.
  • After defeating the first wave of attackers, the group finds the kobold prisoner NIghttail the Glib. After interrogating Nighttail they determine that she may be a useful ally. The kobold ranger expresses her distaste for the current leader of the tribe, Chief Roaghaz, and his dangerous plan to ally with the human wizard Balthus Hunclay. She insists that if she is freed she will help defeat Roaghaz and take control of the tribe upon his death, vowing to leave the citizens of Belhaim in peace. Ham, Bat, and Emraeal (reluctantly, on the elf’s part) release Nighttail and help her retrieve her animal companion – a small dinosaur the kobold calls Hak – before moving on.
  • With information from Nighttail, the group explores the northern portion of the complex and rescues the three human prisoners being held there, including Bophre Malak of the Malak farmstead, and a married couple – two traveling peddlers of religious icons who were captured by the kobolds two months ago. The three slaves are responsive but have clearly suffered under the kobolds. Ham, Bat, and Emraeal get them out of the caves and on their way to Belhaim. With Nighttail the Glib in tow, the group returns to the warren and heads east, intent on finding Chief Roaghaz.

Session 4 XP



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