The Dragon's Demand

Session 10 - The Estate Auction

7 Rova to 29 Rova, 4714 AR

The trio reports back to Baroness Origena Devy and collects their payment for clearing Hunclay’s estate. The baroness implores the adventurers to stay in Belhaim for a time, at least until after the auction of the wizard’s estate. As an incentive Lady Origena pledges to meet the group halfway on any items they bid on, to a point of course.

Ham, Bat, and Emraeal spend a rather relaxed few weeks in the village. Bat meets several times with Bassy who, being a gnome herself in a town bereft of gnomes, is grateful for the familiar company, despite Bat’s questionable proclivities.

Parties interested in the auction of Hunclay’s estate begin arriving in town a day or two before the event, scheduled for the 29th of Rova. Although Lady Origena is disappointed in the poor attendance, several wealthy out-of-town bidders do stand out: a trio of white-clad Kalistocrats from Kerse; two black-robed individuals of indeterminate gender representing the Mercantile Consortium of Maheto; a snarling half-orc calling himself Mr. Pickets representing Duchess Selphine Telegonus of Cassomir; and a brown-haired man in a red felt hat with a large blue feather stuck in its side, who calls himself Clausyre and represents an unnamed interest from the north. Several serious local bidders also join the action: the Adras family; Sir Pelle Benhovy; the baroness’ son Arnholde Devy; Bassy; and Swerlo Greyhands. Bat, Ham, and Emraeal break up an argument between Clausyre and the auctioneer, Chosk Grellen, over the apparent exclusion of several items and books that Clausyre hoped to bid on. The trio recalls the rare tomes retrieved from Hunclay’s cave (and the three stolen from the estate) and wonders how Clausyre might be aware of their existence.

The auction proceeds through the afternoon. Bat bids on Hunclay’s spellbook collection but is outbid by the Kalistocrats. Clausyre storms out of the amphitheatre with several choice words directed towards the audience after his failed bid for the observatory lot with an ominous announcement: “Very well! I must deliver this bad news to my employer immediately, and inform him of the duplicity of those involved in this affair. I bid you good day!”

Dusk begins to fall on the amphitheatre when the last lot is finally announced: the wizard’s manor home and land. As the bidding starts, Hammy notices a strange shadow pass over the east side of the amphitheatre. Moments later, mayhem erupts. Four lanky, grey-fleshed, batlike humanoids with long tails swoop onto the stage, brandishing daggers of some strange, glass-like material. The townfolk panic, scrambling in a chaotic rush to escape the amphitheatre as the fearsome bat-things advance toward them with unnerving grace.

Session 10 XP
Session 10 Treasure



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